Having worked in the Michigan prison system for many years, I was able to interact with and talk to hundreds if not thousands of felons. Criminals have an uncanny ability to read people. They know who will make a good victim and who will not. That’s why it’s so important to present yourself as someone who is alert and aware of your surroundings when out in public. Don’t have your face stuck in a cell phone, or walk around with your shoulders slumped, feet dragging and looking like you couldn’t care letrunkss about what is happening around you. These are the traits in people that criminals tune in on.
As a defensive firearms instructor, I see many people who think that simply carrying a firearm will keep them safe and that’s unfortunate. They erroneously believe that their carry gun is some sort of magic talisman that will ward away evil.
Let me tell you, felons do not fear firearms, but what they do fear is the person that carries a firearm and is willing to use it. In fact, many times you can take the firearm completely out of the equation. The criminal fears the person who looks like they are aware and alert to whats happening around them. Those are the people who criminals perceive as being willing to defend themselves. It’s the person who is willing that criminals fear.

Be Prepared, Stay Safe, Take Control.

See you at the range!