If you are looking to obtain your CPL in Michigan your first step lies in choosing the right instructor. A firearm instructor is trained to help you safely handle a firearm, get you familiar with local, state and federal laws, and provide additional tips that help you to be a responsible CPL holder. Below are some qualities to look for in a CPL instructor to help you reach your goals.

CPL Class Tip #1: Safety First

One of the main objectives of a good firearms instructor should be to promote and advocate safety. A safety first mentality is of upmost importance when choosing an instructor and if you feel for any reason that this portion of training is overlooked you might want to consider a different instructor.

CPL Class Tip #2: Class Size

Firearms training classes are generally not considered to be the most challenging courses that you will go through in your life. However, there is a certain amount of information that you will want to absorb to help keep you safe, be more confident in concealed carry, and to help you abide by the laws that govern you while carrying your handgun.

Class Size is Important. Keep Class sizes below 12 so you can get the attention you need.

In a bigger class it may be hard to absorb all of this important information which is why it is important that your class is small enough so that it affords you some one-on-one time between you and your instructor. Larger class sizes can mean that students are competing for the instructor’s time and attention. If possible, ask your potential CPL instructor how big their typical class size is to see if it will provide the intimacy you need to get the best experience.

CPL Class Tip #3: Location

CPL classes are taught in a variety of different places around the country. However, not all classes are created equal and the training and skills you will get from your instructor will vary from location to location. You can fire the state minimum of 30 rounds from a bench or fire 100 rounds throughout various drills, depending on the class you sign up for. In this regard it may be worthwhile to drive a little farther to spend the time with an instructor who can best prepare you for the primary reasons you are getting a concealed weapons permit.

Stony Farm Defense is located near Brimley, MI and is central to Chippewa county and other surrounding areas. To learn more about our classes and to sign up for an upcoming class visit us online today at http://www.stonyfarmdefense.com

CPL Class Tip #4: Reviews

Customer reviews are often the second best thing (the first is personal recommendations) to reference in terms of determining what others have to say about an instructor. Stony Farm Defense for example has many testimonies given by our students and most are nothing short of stellar.

Take some time to read the reviews regarding your potential CPL classes to get an idea of what others think.

Here are some testimonials for your consideration:

A few testimonials from past courses –

“Such a fun day…huge thank you to Steve & STONY FARM DEFENSE for having us in the NRA Personal Protection in the Home course…I feel way more comfortable with a handgun, and feel that I have a better understanding of good ways to practice safely and accurately. I didn’t feel stupid asking basic questions and learned a lot!” – Krystle G

“I enjoyed your course. Very informative and helpful. I will definitely recommend you to family and friends. Thanks for a great experience.” – Tracey G

“Great class today Steve. learned lots and now feel confident to own, carry and shoot a pistol. thanks again!!” – Cody B

“Thank-you for the training! I learned a lot! You’re a good teacher, and I recommend your training to anyone! It’s fun, and I enjoyed it” – Nicole D

That was a great class Steve! I was really surprised to see how many women were in it. That’s great. 4 guys and all the rest women. I have been passing along your info to everyone I know that is interested in a CPL and those that just want a class to safely operate a handgun. My wife even wants to take the class – Tim S

“The level of service at STONY FARM DEFENSE is fantastic. Having been a training junkie for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”- John R

“I had an excellent time at the NRA course (Personal Protection in the Home) yesterday!!! I learned a lot and recommend anyone and everyone take this course! I look forward to taking more classes with you Steve!” – Crystal C

“…..STONY FARM DEFENSE gives a very informative class with all the hands on a person could ask for in a class. The best shooting class I have attended, can’t wait until the next one.. If your looking to take a course look no further this is it.”

– Kevin F

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. STONY FARM DEFENSE was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of training I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

– Kathy B

Thanks Steve for the training yesterday. Your selflessness in the advancement of the 2nd amendment cause is greatly appreciated. – Rob A

“Thanks for the great class” – Patty M

The class (Michigan CPL Class) was very informative & I felt very confident when I finished the class. Steve is a great teacher! – Katie W

Great Class! Very professional! Instructors help to ease our reservations and showed us safe ways to use firearms – Linda S

Great Class! I learned alot and I’m not new to this. I’m signing my wife up for your next clas!!! – Tim S

As I leave class today I feel really confident that I can handle my gun in a safe manner and in various situations. The instructors were very informative and patient. I loved the drills and class setting. I will definately recommend this class to others. – Kara R

Thanks for a fun and very educational day. Very positive attitude by the instructors, showing us our mistakes but not embarrassing anyone. – Jim I

Had a great time today! Thank you so much you all do a great job! – Nicole C

“If you have never trained with Steve Charles or it has been awhile, I strongly recommend you consider taking the day to invest in your skill building. Steve has trained with some of the top pistol trainers in the world and he has no reservations about passing on that knowledge to his students. Even if your relatively seasoned as a combative/defensive shooter I guarantee you will take nuggets of wisdom away from this training. If you are a trainer, Steve’s many years of LE and civilian training will be a wealth of information for you and besides all of that…he’s is a lot of fun to be around!” – John R

Completed the Intro to tactical shotgun….I learned more in the last two days than I have in my combined 21 years in the military and the Department of Corrections. Can’t wait to take more courses. – Jason H

Thank you to Steve and Kevin for the wonderful class. You both are fun but firm and are very supportive and calm while making you feel safe. We learned so much and are thankful that we choose Stony Farm Defense!! Thanks again! – Stephanie W

Thank you Kevin for my class today!! I learned a lot and look forward to working with you again!! – Shannon H

A great school to get your CPL. Wife and son got there training this year and just loved it. Super knowledgeable. – Gary S

Shoutout to Stony Farm Defense, Shirley and I would like to Thank-you for the great CPL class, Great instructors, Very relaxing atmosphere. – Ivan T

Thanks for the great class today!! – Darcy M

Awesome class today! – Stephanie W

If you are thinking of taking a CPL class , I highly recommend stony farm defense in Brimley. NRA certified instructors. I learned so much more than I ever thought I would. Not only were the instructors patient but they really had a way of making everything easy to understand. I learned a lot and I am way more confident in my safe handling of a firearm. – Ann F.

Very good class- the guys are the best! We took the Intro to handguns because it has been awhile. Looking forward to next time! – Tina F.

Had a great learning experience at Stony Farm Defense for my CPL certification. Got a little flustered on the skill demonstrations because I was volunteered to go first every time but overall it was a great class with amazing instructors who knew what they were talking about! – Stephanie S.

SFD – Train, Practice, Prevail!